Clients and friends always ask about flaxseeds, so I thought I would write about their benefits and ways to incorporate them into your meals!

Flaxseeds contain lignans and the fatty acid, alpha-linoleic acid, aka ALA, but generally known as omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 Fatty Acids, the good fats have been shown to to have heart-healthy effects, while lignans have antioxidant properties. Flaxseed is found in an assortment of items, like crackers to chips to oatmeal, but you can add them to your meals as well.

Here are some easy ways to add flaxseed to your meals:

  • Blend them in your breakfast smoothie: Put a couple tablespoons in your blender and blend for 10 seconds to mill the seeds. You can also get them ground up already. Remember to refrigerate after opening!
  • Make a better breading, did someone say coconut shrimp or chicken nuggets? You can replace 2 Tbsp of flour with 2 Tbsp of ground flaxseed for every 1 cup of flour in a recipe.
  • Add ground flaxseed to your favorite salad dressing! It adds a mild nutty flavor and adds fiber to your meal!
  • Replace eggs in a muffin recipe: This is a great vegan option; flaxseeds mimic the viscous liquid of an egg. You can replace an egg by mixing 1 Tbsp of Flaxseeds with 3 Tbsp of water.
  • And the easiest way is starting your day with adding flaxseed to your breakfast simply by topping 1 Tbsp of flaxseed to your yogurt or oatmeal! Enjoy!