Ways to Practice Self-Care

You are at work, have plans for after work, but also have a million things you need to get done before you get to that point. I am sure we have all been there, feeling like we are running on a hamster wheel. Something we all need to do is pause and take a moment to prioritize self-care. Be true to yourself, know what you love vs. what you don’t, and know what makes you happy and what does not. Build a healthy relationship with yourself to understand your self needs. Self-care doesn’t only mean physical health; we also need to take care of our minds, relationships and time that we have. Here are 5 ways you can practice self-care.

1. BALANCE WORK & PLAY. Stress and being overworked can lead to health problems, from anxiety to depression to insomnia and heart diseases. Some self-care habits I personally do during the work day are go on walks, keep hydrated during the day, and make sure to eat lunch away from my desk (skipping meals can cause blood sugar fluctuation which can decrease productivity). Remember, before taking this job you were an individual with hobbies and activities that made you happy.

2. MANAGE STRESS. You can practice stress management by eating healthy, getting physical exercise, having a consistent sleeping schedule, and practicing meditation.

  • You can also avoid unnecessary stress by learning to say, ”no”
  • Stop overthinking (there isn’t enough time in the day for that!)
  • Starting a journal
  • Laughing a lot
  • Choosing who you spend time with & spending quality time with family and friends. Try to avoid people that stress you out and create a balanced schedule that doesn’t burn you out.
  • Listen to podcasts or meditation apps.
  • Live in an organized space and de-clutter. It is amazing how cleaning and getting rid of stuff can help you feel more relaxed and calm. I have recently done some purges in my closet, and boy is that an exhilarating feeling

3. UNPLUG. This is something we all struggle with especially in this age of technology. It is hard not to respond instantly to an email, text or phone call. But this also causes a sense of constant anxiety, feeling like you always have to be plugged in. Something I practice disconnecting by unplugging an hour before I sleep to get better sleep. I love the “Do Not Disturb” feature and highly recommend for those who have iPhones.

4. GET RESTFULSLEEP. Focus to get more sleep, many of us don’t get the recommended 8 hours. Getting enough sleep can make you feel more energized, which can also make you happier! Physical activity during the day has also been proven to provide better quality sleep.

5. TREAT YOURSELF. Practice good hygiene, take a bath, put on a facemask, just sit back and relax. Sometimes you just need to pamper yourself; say “yes” to dessert, buy yourself something nice, or do something spontaneous! You can even buy yourself some self-care gifts for yourself and others, for example: adult coloring books. “Live your life” is such a big saying in my life, you need to appreciate your life, even something like learning a new hobby can give yourself a greater feeling of purpose.

So ask yourself, do you practice self-care? Take a moment to think about it and see how you can prioritize these practices!


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