Job Searching

Now after all that hard work, here comes the part of finding a job and actually getting paid! I honestly have to say networking is the best way to find a job. I have seen this through and through, especially being in the recruiting realm. You definitely have an upper hand when you are connected to someone that can vouch for you. I got my current job through connections. My preceptor for my clinical rotation knew I was in the market for a job, but didn’t want to commute too far from San Francisco. She reached out to me when someone reached out to her looking for a full time Dietitian in Daly City. She forwarded me the e-mail and I reached out to the Consulting Nurse. Within that week, I already went down to interview. You never know who can help you out in the future. The dietitian community is small, so who knows when you can help someone you know or when you can reach out to someone you know!

Being at my current job for three months now, I can finally take a moment to breathe and blog! Time flies, but I still remember the job search clearly. Having a few months to job search, there are definitely different ways you can search for jobs in our field. Having experience as a sourcer, I have played around with many keyword searches. So here it goes, the obvious keywords are “Registered Dietitian,” but if you would like more results, just search for “dietitian” or “nutrition.” I’ve noticed some job titles aren’t the full “Registered Dietitian,” and some places call us just “Dietitian” or “Dietician” (yes, also different spelling), and some places use “Nutritionist.” Overall, most job descriptions require you to have a “nutrition” background, so that is your best bet for a keyword search to get the largest result. Additionally, if you would like to expand your search, you can also put food, wellness, health to also find positions in the same realm without the RD title.

Takeaway: Hopefully after your internship, you are able to say what you like and what you don’t like in the industry. I would say reflect back on your different rotations and think back to what you liked the most and start your job search from there. Also, reach out to your network; I am sure your preceptors, professors, and other colleagues would love to help in your search. And hey, you may not land your dream job at first, but everyone has to start somewhere! There are different routes you can go with your RD. The obvious choice is to work in the clinical setting-hospital, nursing home, etc. But there are many different opportunities, like outpatient services, nutrition counseling, worksite wellness, grocery store dietitian, health coach, gym dietitian, speaker, food-service, pediatrics, school, non-profits, researcher, professor, blogger, sports nutrition, chef, the list goes on!