Passing my RD exam!

Jean Inman is going to be your new BFF. I started listening to her audios back in April/May here and there (I took my test in July: ~3-4 months prior). Also, during this time, my dietetic internship had flash cards that we could use, so I would also use those here and there to start “studying.” Then in June, I had a commute when I interned at Plus One in Thousand Oaks from Los Feliz. I listened to great old Jean on that commute (over an hour each way). It helped me get familiarized with different topics. It was nice going back to the study guide after and have that deja vu moment of already hearing her talk about it. I am a visual person, so it helped a lot to see it in writing.

I would say I didn’t really start studying studying until after my trip to Europe that I got back on June 26. It took me a few days to fight my jetlag, but then I went full force into studying. I used Jean Inman, and I had two other guides I used: RD Exam Practice Questions/Secrets by Mometrix Media and more RD Questions.

I went over Jean Inman’s Study Guide all the way through and highlighted important information, then I went over each domain and read through the highlighted information again, I would also make notes of what I needed to study more/look up, I did the practice tests and would go over the ones I got wrong and understand why they were wrong and go back to that domain to see why it was that answer. I looked information up on the internet to ensure I understood the concepts. I also set aside other days to use the other practice questions, and followed the same protocol of looking up the information online to fully understand why the answer was the answer.

My friend, Eva also just took her RD exam, so she gave me all her notecards (I didn’t get a chance to look through all of them), but it was good using a different technique rather than reading it off Jean Inman’s 8.5” x 11” piece of paper. The last day of my studying, I wrote on a piece of paper equations I had trouble memorizing, and other various topics that I wanted to last minute study. I brought these papers to the test, just as a comforting mechanism, but truly it doesn’t help to cram the final minutes before your test.

I went to the Pearsons office on Franklin (for those who live in SF) and there were other students there to take their various tests (mainly surgery tests). I finished my test in ~2 hours. The screen went black then proceeded to a survey about the test and test center. It was kind of a blur to me, then the screen gave me my score, I PASSED! But I had to contain my excitement quietly in the room, since others were still taking their tests. I raised my hand to let the proctor know I completed my test, walked out, returned the calculator I borrowed, and proceeded to the front desk where the lady gave me my folded paper saying “Congratulations, you have passed!” I felt such a weight off my shoulder as I walked along the streets of SF with a huge grin letting everyone know the good news!


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